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5/15/2017 SADO-DOMESTICS (Lucy & Chris) Mr. Curt Guest
5/22/2017 No Live Show  
6/5/2017 Albino Mbie, musician Mr. Curt Guest
6/12/2017 Judy White and Maureen Walsh, mystery writers  
6/12/2017 Thomas Reale, Photographer CFA Guest
6/19/2017 BNN Neighborhood Art Gallery  
6/26/2017 Joe Feloni, guitarist CFA Guest
7/3/2017 Holiday no live show  
7/10/2017 BNN Neighborhood Art Gallery Reception  
7/17/2017 John Feloni, painter CFA Guest
7/17/2017 JOEY MARS - artist/illustrator Mr. Curt Guuest
7/24/2017 OPEN  
7/24/2017 OPEN  
7/31/2017 OPEN  
7/31/2017 OPEN  
8/7/2017 OPEN  
8/7/2017 OPEN  
8/14/2017 OPEN  
8/14/2017 OPEN  
8/21/2017 OPEN  
8/21/2017 OPEN  
8/28/2017 OPEN  
8/21/2017 OPEN  
9/11/2017 Mitch Plotkin and Madison Maushart, M Gallery  in SOWA CFA Guest