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All shows are Mondays evenings from 6-7 pm LIVE
Taped at BNN Media Center at 3025 Washington Street, Egleston Square

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3.4.2019 No Show - BNN Closed due to snow
3/11/2019 Sacred Heart Roslindale Choir and Father Eugene Sullivan
3/18/2019 Erica Davis, the Dewitt Center Director
3/18/2019 Nancy Galluzzo, Executive Director of Music Connects
3/25/2019 BNN Neighborhood Art Gallery Reception
Wendi Gray, artist and Jocelyn Roach, artist
4/1/2019 Sydney Smith, artist
4/1/2019 Erik Gehring, Menino Arts Center Music Series
4/8/2019 Markus Sebastiano, Gallery Owner

Jane Long, ArtWeek Manager

4/15/2018 Holiday No Live Show
4/22/2019 Domenic Esposito, artist, sculptor
4/22/2019 Robert Wheeler, author & Anna Solo, Photographer

LIVE in Boston for ArtWeek with Hibernian Hall Dance and more

5/6/2019 BNN Neighborhood Art Gallery Reception
5/13/2019 Bill Kuhn, Author
5/13/2019 OPEN
5/20/2019 Jennifer Jean Costello, consultant and artist with D’Orsay
5/20/2019 OPEN
5/27/2019 Holiday no live show
6/3/2019 Liza Carter, artist
6/3/2019 OPEN
6/10/2019 DAVE GOLD TRIO
6/17/2019 OPEN
6/17/2019 OPEN
6/24/2019 OPEN
6/24/2019 OPEN